Flip Finance is a private money lender based out of St. Louis that provides financing for real estate investments. The loans are short term and based on the value of the property when rehabbed. Flip Finance will loan 100% of the purchase and in most cases the fix as well*.

Simply fill out the contact us form and we will send you a secure link to the loan request application to apply for a private money loan for your real estate investment property.

Our financing to investors is based on the loan amount and any possible associated risks. Typical origination charges are 4 points and if the fix is financed, an additional fee of 1 point will be added. Initial terms with Flip Finance are 4 months. We also charge as low as 2 points on shorter term loans.

Monthly payments with Flip Finance are interest-only for the entire length of the loan at a rate of 1.25%* per month. We hope you are in and out of your rehab in 4 months, however renewals are considered in 2 month increments with a 2 point origination.

As with anything that goes along with the real estate investing and rehabbing experience, expenses should be included. Our loans are no different!  Just as a bucket of paint helps you re-imagine a newly re-designed kitchen or bathroom, our loans help you achieve your real estate investment goals!

We’re not just lenders; we started out as investors and rehabbers ourselves. We’re successful, losing on less than 1%, and have over 20 years experience in St. Louis property buying! We would never lend to you on a property we would not buy ourselves. Our emphasis is based on your property...not your credit history!

Agents, we can also pre-approve both your buyers AND your properties!  

At Flip Finance, our experience helps you succeed!