What is a private money loan and how do I obtain one?
Private Money loans are short term loans made on the value of the hard asset. In other words, these loans are based on the value of the property when rehabbed. Submission of application is not a guarantee for loan approval as approvals are done on a case by case analysis.

Why Flip Finance?
We’re experienced in all facets of real estate investing in the St. Louis area! We’re not just lenders, we started out as investors and rehabbers ourselves and we know what it takes to succeed. Our experience will help you achieve your goals.

What are the rates and lengths of loans with Flip Finance?
Initial loan terms are
4 months and 4 points for the origination of purchase. We also charge as low as 2 points on shorter term loans.

Monthly payments with Flip Finance are interest-only for the entire length of the loan at a rate of 1.25% (on approved credit, higher rates may apply) per month. We hope you are in and out of your rehab in 4 months, however renewals are considered in 2 month increments with a 2 point origination.

What is required for a borrower’s approval?

We factor in the property as well as the borrower's experience, credit and liquidity.   With our experience comes knowledge on what works best, we’ll never lend to you on a property we would never buy ourselves.

What is required for a loan application?
When filling out a loan application you’ll need to provide the complete property address, purchase price, estimated rehab costs, estimated market value after rehab (ARV), any access code or lockbox and to identify what type of property you will be purchasing to rehab.  Additionally, you will need to provide personal financial statements including a recent credit history with FICA score.  We can direct you to an inexpensive option if needed.

What types of properties will fund? Does it matter what county my property is in?

Flip Finance funds residential or commercial projects including single-family, multi-family, duplexes, and apartment complexes.  We also offer our own pre-approved homes we’ve purchased.

Our loans are available in St. Louis City, St. Louis County, St. Charles County, and Jefferson County.